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How I fight my Eco-Anxiety

When I started out with this blog and the Instagram page for it, I was in a very different mental place than I am now.

If you scroll back to old posts, especially on Instagram, you can tell that the tone has changed quite a bit. I went from reporting and informing, ringing alarm bells, and feeling anxious and worried, to becoming more holistic, optimistic, while still trying to share things I learn about climate and sustainability.

That’s because I had a shift in my mindset.

Climate change still scares me. But that past mindset, the eco-anxiety led to me losing my positive outlook in life, me becoming judgmental and critical of people, even me questioning whether it’s okay to have children.

Once you start reading the articles and studies about biodiversity loss, species extinction, or climate refugees, all you’re left with is despair and hopelessness. But what we’re all trying to learn is to be grateful for the moment, right?

So I choose to be grateful for things like the nature that surrounds me.

I choose to be grateful for yet another beautiful sunset.

I choose to be grateful for all the people I know who care.

I even choose to be grateful for those persistent birds that keep me from having my lie-in in the morning.

And then I use this feeling to make plans on how I can make a difference.

And what I’m passionate about right now is making people fall in love with our planet, its abundant nature and our place within it, while also showing how easy it is to make decisions and changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Trying to show that a grateful mindset works wonders in shaping our outlook.

All while also supporting and talking about organizations of people that have made it their life’s mission NOW to fight corrupt and unjust systems and to save livelihoods and improve living conditions all over the world, or invent game-changing innovations.

Focussing on that is what really helped me.

That doesn't mean that I don't have bad feelings anymore or that I'm never sad about the things I mentioned earlier. But being aware of what triggers this sadness, as well as how I get out of it to make sure I don't fall into a hole has been key for me. And I hope it helps anyone who might feel similarly.

You're not alone. We've got this.

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